My Plans for this Blog

I am just starting this blog/life-documentation thing and I realized that I probably won’t be the most motivated to write about things.

This is a problem.

So because of that I am going to put a schedule on this blog and give myself the super easy and simple task of writing something, anything at all, it doesn’t matter. Actually it does I guess. Oh well.

    Either way, here is my plan:

  • Every Wednesday I will put a blog post about something I think is cool, whether that is music, art, movies, games, typing, etc.
  • Every Friday or Saturday (That’s right I am already planning for this to go terribly wrong) I will post about something I did or am doing, or stream something on Twitch or put something on YouTube or anything else that is somewhat personal.
    Sorry about that, I am much too busy, that said I will keep posting on Wednesday, and when I get free time or have a super awesome thing to post about I will post about that immediately.

If anyone is on this blog, I personally apologize that you are here right now, if you want, just come back in a year and hopefully there will be 100 posts by then for you to read.

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