Gimmicks in Music and Art of Noise

I really like sampled music and music that pushes the boundaries of conventional music. I’m not a gimmicky guy but it is hard to deny that if music has a little quirky sound effect I’m not attracted to it.

Because of this I have I listen to music to bands like Art of Noise. If you never heard of them I don’t blame you, but I hope this post might broaden your horizons.

Art of Noise is a British avant-garde synthpop group that came around in the 1980’s. They weren’t and still aren’t widely known, but they have produced a few hits, including:
Moments in Love
Beat Box
Close to the Edit
Instrumentals to Tom Jones’ “Kiss”

As I said, these are their hits and I do enjoy them but they will only give you a taste of their style. That stuff is probably tame considering some of their other music might just be a continuous sample of somebody saying “Legs.”

But all in all my favorite of their works is definitely the Seduction of Claude Debussy. This is a concept album which could very easily be the soundtrack to a Claude Debussy drama documentary. If you don’t know who Claude Debussy is you’ll know it by the end of the album.

What is so fantastic about the album is that it contains such a diversity of genres.
“But does it have rap” Have you ever heard of Rakim?
“But I have refined taste, is there any opera” That is a bellowing yes.
“What about string quartets” Yes.
“Wait, is there any electronic music in it at all?” Beep Boop.
“Does it have narration from John Hurt?” Affirmative.
“Would this make good music for a colorguard show?” Actually… Yes.
“Classical piano?” That is Claude Debussy.

If you are reading this and you have an hour to try out new music or listen to new sounds then you should really give it a try.

That is all I have to say about Art of Noise, at least without making this post thousands of words long, they are an awesome band and they probably have a song that could fit your tastes.



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