Change of Posting

I said very early on in this blog that I would post every Wednesday and I believe I do a decent job of that. But alas, due to my own change of schedule I am unsure I can post every Wednesday. That said, do not fear, I will ensure that I post at least one post a week. And when I get a more rigid schedule then I can promise a day again.

Knowledge of My Ancestors

If somebody were to go up to me right now and offer a million dollars to name 5 vacations that my parents went on before I was born I would not have 1 million dollars.

I honestly don’t know most of what my parents did or said before I was born. I mean sure, there are a few tapes of important times like their wedding but those are special days and people don’t act entirely natural. At the end of the day I don’t know what my mom’s 11th grade history project was. I don’t know how my dad played video games. I don’t know what Grandpa Joe’s (Disclaimer: I don’t have a Grandpa Joe) family barbecues looked like.

And here is where it gets weird, my children will. I’m pretty sure all of the children in the next generation will. If I stream video games (Oh wait I already am) my children will get to see an archive of me doing a completely mundane task, they will get to see a pretty unaltered young adult Maxwell. The video project I had to do for history class was uploaded to YouTube a couple of years ago. My social media is probably going to hang around on the internet for years to come.

In the movies of the next generation, when they have a scene where a parent passes, the protagonist won’t go to the parent’s closet and look through their old videotapes of their wedding. The scene will depict the protagonist as getting on their laptop, logging into facebook, checking out their parent’s wall and scrolling down until they see nothing left.

My children are going to see this blog, which is crazy because if I was one generation too early I would have to type this on paper and store it in my closet or under my bed. If they get bored in high school they can look at my blog and then post on Twitter “My old man was so dorky he wrote a blog post about vermicelli when he was younger #vintage.” Jokes on them, nobody is going to retweet that.

My Favorite Food


I thought about doing an elaborate intro, maybe having a story coupled with some witty punchline, but neigh, vermicelli is to be treated with respect and honor.

What is vermicelli?

It’s a rice noodle that does well to be served cold, but what really makes it great is if you top it with carrots, and mint, and nuts, and onion, and cucumbers, and sprouts, and finally a nice grilled meat, like pork or shrimp (why not both?). All of that is then smothered in fish sauce. It is one of the best things ever created

When I first had vermicelli, I didn’t like it. I can make excuses and say that I just wasn’t feeling down to try new things that day, but I know what the real reason was. I won’t deny that when I was young I was a really picky eater.

I didn’t like onion, I didn’t like tomato, I didn’t like mint, I didn’t like cucumber, I didn’t like avocado. Over the years my pickiness has gone away, in fact it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that it reversed. I have started eating straight avocado. Every dish I cook now probably has onion in it. In the past few years I can’t think of a food that I don’t like.

Back to the vermicelli though, I really love it. It’s hardy, it’s tasty, it’s not absolutely unhealthy (though I won’t deny, with all that fish oil it probably isn’t the healthiest). I know this seems like a very strange rant, but if you haven’t had vermicelli, I would suggest you try it.

Summer Fun

I don’t know about any of my (zero) readers but I am finally out of school. What this means is that I can write more blog posts.

That’s not going to happen, I am still only going to commit to one blog post a week, if I post more then that will be exciting, but I’m working a full time job so I don’t really expect that to happen.

These are my summer blog goals:

Music reviews, I have a local artist I am planning on featuring in my 10th real blog post (this counts as like 6.5). That blog post, I’ll post

I also plan on doing livestreams and posting some of the highlights on here. Hopefully I can find the time to wind down and play videogames for all of y’all. Plans for a joint livestream are on there way.

I’ll see if I can write some stories as well if I can form some good ideas, at the very least I will write some logs about my Dungeons and Dragons adventures.

I might do a book review, don’t know the book I would want to do yet, but I am about to embark on Gulliver’s Travels so I guess you can expect some content from that.

And finally my guarantee is that there will be a blog post every week, as close to Wednesday as possible and although the content might be bad, it will definitely be content.


Hanlon’s Razor

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
-Hanlon’s Razor

Have you ever driven a car?

Have you ever been at a stop light and the light just changes? You don’t recognize it immediately so the driver behind you hits their horn?
What the Heck! I wasn’t even sitting here for that long! This person is trying to make my life miserable, how do they expect me to react to the light that fast! I know, I’ll drive real slow, maybe randomly brake a few times, that’ll give ’em something to honk about.

Have you ever been at a stop light and your child is starting to have a temper tantrum in the back seat because their shoe fell off. So at the stopped light you turn around and help get their shoe back on, and then without turning back around to look at the steering you put your hand where you think the steering wheel is. And then you accidentally lay it on the horn. You whip back forward.
Oh, the light is green, hopefully it hasn’t been like that for a while, that would be awkward. Why is this guy in front of me driving like an idiot?

I don’t condone bad driving, but I also don’t condone getting angry on the road, it doesn’t help anyone.

A razor is a philosophical tool (not the one to shave your beard) that is basically a generalized rule that works MOST (but not all) of the time. One of the most popular of the razors is Occam’s razor, which stated simply, “It probably isn’t that complicated.”

My favorite of the razors is the one above, Hanlon’s razor. It basically just states, don’t take it personally. I really don’t want this blog to be an inspirational or life blog, so I don’t want to give all the random confidence boosting advice, that isn’t what this razor is for.

This razor is the epitome of humans make errors. Be the bigger person.

It is all about intention. If you can’t prove intention at all, AKA two cars driving down the road, then you shouldn’t take things personally when someone else makes a mistake. Sure it is alright to be flustered, but to retaliate against an opposition that doesn’t even realize it wronged you only makes the situation worse.