Summer Fun

I don’t know about any of my (zero) readers but I am finally out of school. What this means is that I can write more blog posts.

That’s not going to happen, I am still only going to commit to one blog post a week, if I post more then that will be exciting, but I’m working a full time job so I don’t really expect that to happen.

These are my summer blog goals:

Music reviews, I have a local artist I am planning on featuring in my 10th real blog post (this counts as like 6.5). That blog post, I’ll post

I also plan on doing livestreams and posting some of the highlights on here. Hopefully I can find the time to wind down and play videogames for all of y’all. Plans for a joint livestream are on there way.

I’ll see if I can write some stories as well if I can form some good ideas, at the very least I will write some logs about my Dungeons and Dragons adventures.

I might do a book review, don’t know the book I would want to do yet, but I am about to embark on Gulliver’s Travels so I guess you can expect some content from that.

And finally my guarantee is that there will be a blog post every week, as close to Wednesday as possible and although the content might be bad, it will definitely be content.


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