I Missed Pork and Bean Day

Pork and Bean day is July 13th.

On that day I cut up onion, I cut up bell pepper, and I cut up a whole package of hot dogs. Then, after all the prep, I opened my pantry…BUT ALAS no beans.

Pork and Bean day came by and I missed being a part of it (don’t worry I still made a created a nice meal with what I had prepped).

I love beans. My roommates and I eat way too many beans. If you are going to college don’t believe rice is the only thing in the world you can eat. It is an amazing staple but adding beans to rice will make your whole world seem a little brighter.

Pinto, Navy, Black, Refried, Lima, Bush’s. It doesn’t matter they are all good.

The best part about beans is that they are filling and they don’t take a ton of prep. If you are using dry beans you are either going to have to soak them or boil them and then add whatever sauce you want before proceeding to slow cook. If you are using canned beans like Bush’s beans they usually have their own sauce, so you can immediately start slow cooking them.

I love Bush’s Baked Beans (I wish they were a sponsor), and I usually prefer to add onion and bell pepper to them. That said though I add onion and bell pepper to almost anything I cook so, I’m not sure my advice is holistically valid.

I’m not missing bean day next year and I hope you don’t either.

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