A Perl of a Script

“if something — anything — requires more than 90 seconds of his time, he writes a script to automate that.”
-guy from online article

Today was the first time I wrote a script that increased my productivity. Although mundane, I wrote a script to auto-name my notes in class to the current day’s date.

Ever since I got into college I have heard stories of people automating. This was the article that put automation in my scopes. I never want to become so automated that robot me sends my future wife texts, but I was fascinated knowing that there is enough potential in scripting to do such an absurd thing.

I have never really been able to script because I never fully knew a language that was built for scripting. I knew Java, C, C++ but these are known as compiled languages. You have to run the code through another program to get an executable to run for later.

I needed to learn a language like Python or Perl, which is built for more interaction and doesn’t have to be compiled. This yields the great benefit of being able to modify the code and immediately run it. I can easily modify my notes script to format the files a different way and then start running it again like nothing happened.

And this summer, lo and behold, I decided to learn Perl. It is a really fun language to learn, especially coming from C, since Perl’s word and input manipulation is basically indestructible. The script I wrote is in Perl and it took me about an hour to write because I learned Perl at the beginning of summer and then haven’t touched it much since. Now I could probably write a script like that in significantly less time.

This school year I am going to be efficient, I am going to be organized, I am going to be fit, and most importantly, I am going to very best me I can possibly be.

To any students reading this blog, good luck this school year, you’ve got this!

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I had no idea you’ve been blogging for such a long time. By far my favorite lifestyle blog.


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