Unofficial Official Spots

I had a really good week this week. Got a lot done and the semester is coming to a close. Beyond all of that, I’m a week into the Xylo-A-Day Super Advent where I play a Christmas Carol every day up until Christmas (I called it a super advent because I started it a day after Thanksgiving rather than December 1st). Also I’m starting to average around 80 WPM, and Typeracer is starting to give me ridiculously large quotes to type.

But the icing on the super awesome cake that was my week… I got my unofficial official bike spot back.

Now if you are still in high school there is still a possibility that you have to have seating assignments. At my high school some teachers did and some teachers didn’t. If your high school doesn’t have seating assignments or you are in college, then you should understand the unofficial official spot. For those of you who don’t, I’ll explain.

People resist change. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone on some level resists change.

In regards to seating, if it’s not assigned then people will sit down wherever they want the first day. At worst, it might take a couple of days to find a spot. At best, you and all of your friends take over a section of the room.

In this scenario you have a spot you are finally comfortable in, or you have a spot where all your friends sit around. You don’t have assigned seating but now you sit there every day, just out of habit and comfort. But then it happens…

A new kid shows up. That one kid who skipped all the lectures and is just coming for the review session shows up. Some guy brings his twenty friends who aren’t even enrolled in your class. The semantics don’t matter the result is still the same…

YOUR SPOT GETS TAKEN. (And it feels bad)

This is one of the greatest tragedies of modern man. Even though it wasn’t official, it was your spot, it was the comfort zone. Anger pours through your veins (not really though), but like any agreement that isn’t contractual there is no governing authority to get your chair back.

So this happened to me, but even worse.

The bike parking at my apartment is scarce. We have a decent amount of bike racks but just too many bikes for all of them. All of last year I had a sweet spot. The end of a bike rack, closest to the entrance of the apartment. If you don’t understand what that means, I’ll explain. It means that I didn’t have to mess with anyone’s bike when I went to lock mine up. It means that I could immediately leave conveniently.

This school year began and the first day after all the new residents moved in I went out to go biking and I came back and my spot was taken.

Over the next few weeks I was able to get it back, and then lose it every other time I went to go biking. Then that person locked their bike up and either had a perfectly synced up schedule with me or just let their bike sit there, I don’t really know which. But essentially I haven’t had the spot for the rest of the semester.

Finally though, after one of my best weeks in the entire semester. I unofficially officially have my unofficial official bike spot bike.


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