An Assault on my Favorite Game

My friends and I used to play a game called CounterStrike: Global Offensive.

If you don’t know what CS:GO is then I’ll explain. It is a first-person competitive shooter, where 2 teams of 5 compete head-to-head for (at most) 30 rounds. Depending on the map type, the teams will being planting/defusing a bomb or protecting/rescuing a hostage.

During high school we would sink hours into this game, and tried our best to move up the ranks. Over the years though we drifted away from the game and it has updated and changed meta without us. Because of this, it has been harder and harder for us to have a wild hair and decide to play it randomly one weekend.

Well, since a couple of weeks ago that small desire become fully destroyed.


One of the maps my friends and I would play is a map called Assault. It isn’t a well-balanced. It doesn’t have a ton of meta or strategy. It isn’t popular. But that map was our jam. Every random weekend that we would log on, you could guarantee that we played Assault. A couple of weeks ago Assault was taken off the competitive map list.

There isn’t much more to say. I don’t really want to be another blog that talks about how CS:GO has a terrible development team and a terrible community (and there are a lot of those). I actually support their decision to take Assault off the competitive list, it was taking up server space, and other than us there was nobody in their right mind that would play that map.

That’s it. I miss playing Assault on CS:GO.

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