Okami and the End of a Semester

Quick Sidenotes

  1. Xylo-a-day is doing great and in the next couple of days the content is going to spike to an all-time high of greatness.
  2. I’m about to finish William Davies “Autobiography of a Super-Tramp” and I can’t help but to give it a big thumbs up if you want to read about hobo life.
  3. My Spotify year-in-review came back saying I mostly listened to Starflyer59. I highly suggest checking them out if you are looking for some new music to listen to.
  4. My typing speed is now a consistent 80ish. (Shoutout to Typeracer.com)
  5. Net neutrality laws have been repealed. I don’t like it, but I also don’t think worst case scenario is ever going to happen, it’s just scary that it could happen.

Real content

Finals were this week. This means both my Twitter feed and the Reddit front page were filled with memes about how people would rather die than take tests. I wish there were more wholesome memes in this dark world.

Although I’m taking a lot of classes I only had to take a couple of tests. Most of my classes either had tests earlier, or projects instead of finals. Because of this my final final was on Tuesday.

Know what else happened on Tuesday?

If you guessed Okami, a very well received but poorly known game, was ported over to PC (and also XBOXONE and PS4) then you would be correct.

So you know what I did Tuesday night?

If you guessed that I played Okami you would be wrong. I actually was still busy with a couple of other things after my test, so I couldn’t play it on Tuesday.

But on Wednesday I played the heck out of Okami.

So what is all this hype about? What is Okami?

Okami was released in 2007 on the PS2, I knew nothing about it then. But then it was released on the Wii in 2008, and once I heard about it I bought it and played non-stop for a couple of weeks.

Okami, for those who don’t know, is a game much like Zelda. It is an open world adventure game where you fight the forces of evil. But also, you’re a dog. This review helps to explain what I mean.

The plot of the game is that you are the Japanese sun god Amaterasu in the form of a wolf, and the world has essentially stopped believing in you and great evil has been placed onto the land. So you wander around a beautiful water-colored world, slay Japanese-style demons, and help everyone you meet by using a celestial paintbrush.

It has an awesome world. Seriously, you wander into a new zone and you have to purge that land of evil. The best part is that you actually get to see the land change into something beautiful as you cleanse it.

It has good fighting, a diversity of fighting styles, and a diversity of enemies. When you pair all of that with the fact that the controls handle great, the fighting is truly something to be enjoyed.

Fun mini-games. Fun story. Fun unique mechanics. There really isn’t a part of this game that I outright dislike.

There is way more to it than that but I don’t want to spoil the good parts. This game is seriously on par with Oblivion in my mind; it looks great, plays great, and has a great story.

That’s all I really have to say. If you are a gamer looking for a fun adventure game to play, I really can’t give this game enough of a glowing review.

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