I Have Plants in My Windowsill


Among all of the other things that I do, near the beginning of last Summer I started growing plants in my windowsill. At first it was a couple of wildflowers and a purple coneflower, but it is safe to say I got hooked.

My apartment hosts random events to get its residents to be more of a community. A little before the beginning of last summer I went to one that involved growing some plants in a windowsill. They gave us some wildflower seeds, some purple coneflower seeds (I could have picked daisy or sunflower, but I chose this instead), some dirt, and a guac bowl to grow them in.

So I grew them, which unsurprisingly just meant that I watered them every day. And then I quickly realized that they would outgrow the guac bowls. So I went to Wal-Mart (not a sponsor) and three 5-inch pots. All three of them held two flowering plants each.

Then my first problem came: one of the plants just decided not to produce flowers.
Solution: I took it out of the pot. Unsurprisingly that plant that lived in its own single pot grew to become the most successful.

Then came my next problem: one of the plants decided to start falling over.
Solution: Simple enough, I propped it up against the window itself.

Then the next one: I wanted more plants.
Solution: So I decided to have a challenge and try to grow one of the largest flowering plants out there, the foxglove. The foxglove plant can grow a couple of feet tall and produce tons of flowers.

And with that came a new set of challenges.

Problem 1: All of the foxglove seeds sprouted. This might not seem to be a problem until you realize that foxgloves get pretty massive and take up a lot of space.
Solution: I just took two and gave them their own pots.

Problem 2: The foxglove started getting really big. And to top it off my other plants are growing really tall… in fact the other plants have now grown above the height of my entire window.
Solution 2A: Scrap the other plants. They started needing to be watered twice a day and were still dying because they were just getting too big.
Solution 2B: Give the foxglove bigger pots since they were very obviously outgrowing the 5-inch pots. I gave them 9-inch pots to sit in. That worked for a while.

Then a new problem arrived: These foxglove are much to big for my windowsill.
Solution: I built a dinky little frame for them to sit on so they wouldn’t be crammed against the window.

And finally, today arrived. The foxglove started to outgrow the 9-inch pots. So I got them a 13-inch pot.

And then I realized I had a ton of empty pots.

And so today the cycle of plant growing starts again. I put some pansy seeds into two 5-inch pots and some cactus seeds (didn’t know that was a thing until I saw the seed packet) into two other 5-inch pots.

I’ll try to keep this blog updated on what cacti look like when they are growing from seeds into full fledged cacti, because I honestly don’t know what that looks like myself. Please don’t post spoilers.


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