Switching on the Switch

Warning: This might sound like an ad.

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced I was hyped but I didn’t truly believe that it would be a good console. I saw it as a worse version of a couch console, rather than what it is truly is, a better version of a handheld console.

In fact, when the Nintendo Switch was released I was in a speech class where I took part in a group presentation where we talked about how Nintendo should just stop trying to be in the console game. It was shallow and not super insightful, but the summary of it was that the Wii U was a failure… yada yada yada… The handheld consoles like the Gameboy and the DS were successful and own most of the market share for handheld gaming … yada yada yada… Nintendo needs to focus their resources on developing their handheld consoles.

I finally got a Switch and I can undoubtedly saw that I was wrong. I missed the point, but just by a little bit. It isn’t an inferior couch console, it is a superior handheld console.

I’m not usually a first adopter and I don’t like user interfaces that aren’t clean. The switch docking station is pretty dang amazing. I know it is just a glorified HMDI output, but there truly is a seamless transition from playing on my monitor to picking it up and walking to the kitchen to cook food.

Just this week my apartment got another Switch dock put in the living room. When I got home from classes I was able to take my Switch out of my backpack (Hey I have some free time between classes) and plugged it straight into the living room and play there with my homies. But then later that night when I just wanted to chill in my room I simply plugged it into my room’s dock.

I feel like I’m selling out writing and writing an advertisement, but I genuinely and am just having the most fun I’ve ever had with a console since I got a PC. I can’t wait to see what games they release for the switch.


-A new Switch fanboy

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