The Hunt for Kettle Corn

I have a stupid sweet tooth.

I love sugar. I love sugar more than a grown man probably should. I am not a man of low sugar ratio candies, I am a man of high sugar ratio candies.

Sugar Ratio – The amount of sugar in comparison to the other ingredients in the candy
Example: Dark Chocolate has a small sugar ratio, being mainly chocolate and then sugar to stop it from being bitter. SweeTarts have a high sugar ratio, being mainly sugar with some flavoring added to stop it from just being sugar.

So that said, I also love popcorn. Normal popcorn. Butter popcorn. Cheddar popcorn. Caramel popcorn. Vanilla popcorn. Kettle corn.

Kettle corn is one of the best variants of popcorn, and by that I mean the sweetest.

When a CineMark was built right next to my house and offered kettle corn instead of buttered popcorn I completely switched my movie theater eating habits. No amount of movie theater buttered popcorn could convince me to switch.

I’ve used microwave butter popcorn, but do you know what is better than that? Microwave kettle corn.

Do you know what is better than microwave kettle corn? Stove-top popcorn.

Do you know what is terribly tedious to make? Stove-top kettle corn. You have to stir it, you have to add just the right amount of sugar, just the right amount of oil, just the right amount of corn, and just the right temperature.

If any of those factors aren’t perfect the sugar will slag, or the popcorn will burn, or there will be too many kernels left.

Just recently, one of my roommates got a stir-crazy popcorn popper. If you don’t know what that is it’s just a popcorn popper that automatically moves around the kernels. This prevents the kernels from burning and the sugar from burning and everything from burning (unless your careless or you just like things burning).

So after popping some popcorn in it I looked up a kettle corn recipe and lo and behold I found one readily available. Here it is if you have a stir-crazy and like kettle corn.

Ever since I found that recipe I probably make kettle corn at least once a week. Sugar is good and on popcorn it’s amazing.

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