Googlin’… It is so Darn Fun!

Before I begin this blog post I would like to link to a Guadalajara Joe song named Segwayin’ and Googling. It is exactly what it sounds like.

Now for the real blog post.

I am a computer science major in college, and for most of the population that means that I’m a computer wizard. But I don’t believe I am. I don’t even believe most of the people who I think are tech savvy are computer wizards.

I believe we are just good at Googling.

Now I’m not trying to demean any of the skills of myself or my classmates by saying that. For one, it is definitely a heavy exaggeration. For two, there is definitely some inherent truth to it.

I believe that this generation is capable of accessing more information than the past generation could even imagine. Following that belief I believe that the next generation is going to access more information than we could imagine, even more efficiently.

Most of the past generation don’t inherently understand computers. They weren’t born with them. To understand how google works, and how the web works, and how your web browser works, and how your keyboard and mouse work you have to learn. They aren’t naturally intuitive.

To understand something intuitively you can’t just know certain inputs lead to certain outputs, you have to know why certain inputs lead to certain outputs. You can learn to intuitively understand computers but nothing beats using a computer as a child, the best time to learn intuition.

This brings me to my next point.

My parents weren’t born with computers.

I was born with decent desktop and laptop computing.

My children will probably be born holding smartphones that will out-compute the computers I had as a child (maybe even the bulk of the computers nowadays).

For example:

My parents’ generation access Google to look up a popular site name that they already know, instead of using the url.

My generation types in sentences to Google that are halfway incomprehensible in order to find better results.

My children’s generation will probably be using our gibberish with fancy search filter terms.

I don’t know if my thoughts came across as complete, but all I’m trying to say is that the ability to Google could be considered a defining distinction between my generation and the last.

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