Long Summer, Time to Blog


It’s been a long time since I blogged. I spent this whole summer working full time with an hour commute and I put blogging on the back-burner.

What I didn’t do though was completely waste my own time (I got close though).

I maintained Xylo-A-Day. In fact Xylo-A-Day is going so well that I’m getting about 40 views a day. When I first started the channel I was lucky to get 100 views a month and now I’m making that in about 3 days time.

I have a feeling that the channel is going to get significantly larger before the end of this year, and hopefully I can make it to 100 subscribers as well.

I did plenty of stuff and hopefully the next couple of weeks I can make posting a regular occasion again. There are a couple of topics that I could probably write about to kick this off.

I played plenty and plenty of Settlers of Catan, I even got the SeaFarers expansion and I would highly recommend it. A post to come about Catan strategy (like I even know how strategy works).

Image result for seafarers catansource: Catan.com

I was able to kick my coffee addiction, which is a pretty great in itself. Coffee posts are always a nice treat.

Image result for folgerssource: Target.com

Plenty of manga was read and by that I mean most of the Naruto series. It’s possible I could write a blog post about manga itself and also possible I just write an entire one about Naruto.

There are also a couple of projects that I have completed and that are going to be completed soon that I can blog about here, which I can guarantee are going to be at least a solid moderately interesting.

There isn’t much I want to say right now except that I’m ready to be back in action. Stay tuned for the weekly content to start churning out again.



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