Editing Videos

So I’ve always been really interested in video editing. There are a lot of cool things that can be done, and I think it takes a lot of skill to master. With that said, I have never had a super awesome, very utilizable video editing software.

When I was in high school I had a couple of video projects. No it wasn’t for some art class, I wasn’t in a video editing class, it was for the classes that make the most sense for videos to be made in.

If you didn’t guess health or history then you are WRONG.

Even though these were in weird subjects I found that I really enjoyed making these videos, and a part of me ever since has been wanting to make cool videos with weird effects ever since.

Our school would host a film competition every year and every year my friend and I would look at the posters and say, “This year we are going to do it, by golly!”

O.K. we didn’t say “by golly” but you still get the point.

And every year we didn’t enter the film competition because we didn’t have time. This trend continued through college where our university has also held a film competition every year.

This year though, this year is the year I start releasing cool videos.

In High School, the videos we created were just made with Windows Movie Maker, which doesn’t have a ton of special effects or adjustments, and it kind of clunky to work with. I got through with it alright, but it left me wanting more.

When I got into college and started Xylo-A-Day I figured this might be my chance to make cool videos finally. Armed with iMovie I was… let down a little.

iMovie is great. It is simple it is intuitive and when you are uploading a video every day for your novelty xylophone channel, it is an absolute godsend. It does a whole bunch of very simple editing, very simply.

Outside of that it fights you. Chroma keying can’t be resized or moved around. You don’t have more than two lanes of editing, one lane having to be a primary lane while the other lane is the secondary lane. Surprisingly, you can’t just float text anywhere on the screen.

Don’t get me wrong, you can put text in your iMovie. You can put text in 1 of 45 (Probably less, I don’t want to count) pre-determined locations, none of which are good for anything else but titles, which granted, are their goal.

This has all led up to this moment.

Humble Bundle, which is a website that sells software and games for dirt cheap and then donates the money to charity (super awesome web site, check them out, not a sponsor), had a software sale that contained Vegas Pro.

And so I got it.

It isn’t After-Effects or Final Cut, but it is a higher end video editing software then iMovie, and it’s going to take some time to learn.

I’m up for this challenge though, over this next year I hope to put out a video at least once a month with something cool going for it. Maybe it is editing, maybe it is just a cool video.

I think it is reasonable for me to release 12 videos this year, so be on the lookout, and lets see if I can get it done.

(Xylo-A-Day will continue as usual)

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