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I don’t claim to be the best at any game in existence. I don’t have enough practice to know the true inner-workings of a game and beat everyone I have ever met.

Two posts ago I wrote about the games that I have played the most. None of these games I claim to be the best at. I’m probably not even in the top thousand of any of these games.

One game that I would say that I am most proficient at would have to be a little game called SSX Tricky.

SSX Tricky was a GameCube game released in 2002, the second in the SSX snowboarding series.

SSX Tricky wasn’t a bad game, it wasn’t GOTY or anything, but by no means was it a bad game.

I don’t know how much time I spent playing this game, but it was hours and hours of my life. More than that though, this is one of those games where I became significantly more proficient when I got older.

When I was young I was failing to get a single backflip. Now that I’m older I am able to do 1080s by bouncing myself off of walls and other unintended trick spots.

When I was younger I struggled through the game, because I tried to play it as intended. Landing tricks off of well designed ramps, maneuvering through tight corridors, and grinding on obscenely long rails are all things that the game expects the player to do. And this is exactly what young (dumb) Maxwell would do.

Fast forward to woke college Maxwell. I was nailing tricks off of poorly designed wall collision boxes, flailing myself across the complex parts, and jumping on and off rails when convenient.

I found that most of my gameplay when I was older was characterized by pulling off crazy tricks in the direction of walls, and then repositioning my board in the air to prevent from the “Bonk.” This is a technical term.


When you hit a collision as intended. Bonk is a strange entity capable of showing both mercy and bloodlust.

Most of the intended game ramps direct you into the open air, which are useful. Although, if you were able to utilize the short slopes that direct you straight into the games side walls. With these unintended ramps you could also pull of crazy tricks, granted that no part of your model’s collision box collides with the wall… Except for the board.

Imagine flying through the air at 68MPH and spinning a couple of times in both the x and y axis, and then Safely slam into a wall, just to get bounced off and land the move on the ground. This is SSX Tricky. This is the only game that I would ever claim to be better than most people at

I might try to stream this game one day, and if I do, I will more than likely upload some footage of this wondrous, wondrous game.

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