Weekend at Bernie’s 2 Would Have Been the Perfect Movie Except For One Thing. Bernie’s Already Dead.

So my friends and I watched Weekend at Bernie’s 2.

That’s right. The critically acclaimed Weekend at Bernie’s has a sequel. You might be thinking, “How?” and that’s and a good question.

Weekend at Bernie’s ends with Bernie going to the morgue. The mob fumbling to kill an already dead Bernie. And the “calm and rational” character getting the girl.

And that is realistically where it should end.

But… They decided to make another. And Bernie actually gets a more prominent role in it.

Weekend at Bernie’s ends with Bernie’s fraudulent 2mill still not being accounted for. So what does the psychopath character convince the “calm and rational” person to do?

If you answered: Get the body out of the morgue to deliver him to his safety deposit box in the Virgin Islands. Then you would be correct.

And if the story was that simple then it wouldn’t be much of a story.

So for the twist: Other people who want Bernie’s money use the power of Voodoo to bring Bernie back to life and tell them where the money is at.

The voodoo spell fails though and doesn’t become a True Resurrection (D&D don’t sue me). It becomes a partial resurrection where Bernie is only alive when he listens to music.

This gives the actor who plays Bernie a much more prominent role than in the first movie. And lt’s him do a lot of dancing.

The dance move that you might have heard of called the Bernie has its roots in this series.

So the movie is more of the same, where one character is psychotically willing to disturb the dead for a good cash payout and the “calm and rational” character tries to feign reluctance about the whole plan.

It is a great movie and really does a good job at pairing with Weekend at Bernie’s. 9/10

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