Raiding a Regular Ol’ Tomb

Just recently I watched the Tomb Raider movie. There will be some spoilers about both the first of the latest Tomb Raider reboot games and the movie.

The movie was based on the first of the reboot games that have been released in the Tomb Raider franchise.

I don’t remember if I have talked about the Tomb Raider game franchise but I joined on the latest reboot of the franchise. And I have enjoyed it pretty well.

The games have a pretty interesting storyline, fun gameplay mechanics, and a solid upgrade system. If I haven’t talked about upgrade systems, there will be a post about it another time.

The plot of these games follow Lara Croft as she goes from a somewhat regular person with a crazy inheritance and archaeologist dad to being a… Tomb Raider.

Silliness aside though, the first game of the reboot is Lara gaining fighting and exploration experience as she fights her way through Trinity, an evil organization that is trying to rule the world by finding powerful supernatural artifacts.

The first of the reboot is about landing on an island where a powerful sorceress queen was laid to rest. It is in the middle of the most destructive currents and storms around called the Devil’s Triangle.

Throughout the game you find out that this sorceress queen is the reason the currents and weather won’t let anyone leave the island, and at the end when they finally lay her soul to rest then everything calms down and they can leave.

I just think that this is a solid story, I really like the supernatural elements of it. It was enjoyable to play through and explore the island to find out the different facets of the queen and her people and other expedition crews who have failed to get to her.

With all of the supernatural elements in account it makes sense that it took Trinity so long to find the tomb and even get through the tomb.

But the movie was different. It was still good, but not as good as it could have been.

The movie took the same major plot. Lara goes to an island, finds Trinity, opens tomb, finds the queen’s body, resolve plot.

But they just completely shied away from all of the supernatural aspect, and it felt like that was some of the glue that held the plot together.

For some reason Trinity, even though it is a powerful shadow organization with nearly unlimited resources, has been looking for the tomb on this island for years upon years.

Trinity can easily dispatch helicopters to the island at anytime, as shown at the end of the movie, and yet the people there seem to be at a lack of manpower or assistance given to the main antagonist to find this tomb.

The queen wasn’t some super powerful sorceress, instead she just carried a deadly plague and sealed herself away.

It was a strange decision to take out the supernatural, and I don’t really understand it.

To me this is like if Indiana Jones found the Ark of the Covenant, and then they opened it and were just like,”Oh, cool, it’s a golden box.”

Trinity as an organization is super cool when you realize that they might have these crazy magic super weapons or they are trying to get their hands on philosopher’s stones or they are trying to resurrect a sorcerer queen. That is an active threat that has insanely costly potential.

An organization that finds things that abide by the laws of nature in old tombs is far less threatening. This is especially true when you start factoring in how incompetent they have to be to fail at finding a tomb on a small to mid-sized island for at least a dozen years.

They announced a new Tomb Raider movie, and I’ll probably watch and put my review of it here. I’m curious to see what they do in lieu of the supernatural.

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