Nicolas Cage and The Descent Into Madness

Obligatory attention to the fact that I haven’t posted in what is close to a millennia.

Okay, since that is now over with, lets get to it.

Since the end of last year I decided to start a quest to watch every movie that has Nicolas Cage in it (This does exclude documentaries).

So far this has been an absolute joyride. Nicolas Cage is accused of overacting (what some would consider to be bad acting), and it is absolutely true. In most of the movies he is in he is absolutely electrifying to watch.

I would argue that he isn’t a bad actor and recently he has been in a lot of direct to DVD movies that wouldn’t have even been glanced at had he not been a part of them.

I just wanted to go through some quick synopses of some of the movies that I have seen so far.

Color Out Of Space (2019)

Color Out Of Space is a book by HP Lovecraft and it features one simple concept. What if an alien invaded a secluded farmstead? What if that alien really had no intentions or purpose and was just a color?

The movie is full of a bright purple and is an absolute thrill to watch. Nicolas Cage very quickly loses his sanity along with the rest of his family.

Kill Chain (2019)

I had the pleasure of watching this in 4k in my living room. Did that enhance the experience at all? Probably not.

Kill Chain does the classic trope of starting the movie near the end and then flashing back to how it all began. Nic Cage didn’t have the movies full screen time, but he did have the climactic end to it. The movie is just a bunch of hits all tied together (quite literally a Kill Chain).

Guarding Tess (1994)

Guarding Tess follows Nic Cage as the secret service bodyguard to a former first lady. He is mentally abused by her until he wants to leave and then decides to stay because of Stockholm syndrome. I’m dumbing the plot down a lot, but this synopsis holds a lot of weight.

Vampire’s Kiss (1988)

You Don't Say? | Know Your Meme

The best way to describe Vampire’s Kiss is if somebody gave Christian Bale’s American Psycho a smaller budget and then proceeded to tell the screenwriters to “sprinkle in a couple of jokes.”

It was a fantastic movie to watch, but in the “Wow what am I watching?” sort of way.

Amos and Andrew (1993)

The premise of this movie is that a wealthy black man (played by Samuel L. Jackson) moves into a nice home and while he is getting moved in his bigoted white neighbors think he is a robber (since they didn’t know their old neighbors moved out).

What ensues is the police shooting at him while he is in his home, and then realizing their mistake and in an attempt to save face send a criminal (Nicolas Cage) in so that they can shift the blame. It is… a movie.

I don’t know if this movie aged well because in some ways it still seems relevant or aged poorly because it is almost distasteful how jokey they are about the subject while it is still such a hot topic today.

And finally…

Rage (2014)

*Spoiler warning if you don’t want to read ahead*

Nicolas Cage’s daughter gets… taken. With no Liam Neeson in sight Nicolas Cage fills the role….

And then his daughter dies.

So Nicolas Cage starts falling into a more John Wick/Equalizer role and starts dismantling the local mafias and gangs. Every single person that might have had any incentive at all to kidnap and kill his daughter.

And for the big finale, it is revealed she is killed because his daughter and her friends had found his guns and decided to disobey the rules of gun safety and accidentally shot and killed the daughter.

For an action hero, you really need to lock up your guns.

I have seen plenty of more Nicolas Cage movies and I still have a lot more to watch. I just wanted to update the blog as well as talk about the fun to watch Nicolas Cage movies that I have been watching.

Obligatory sentence that I will try to post more often.

You are beautiful and I hope you have a good week.