So the name of this blog is MaxEndeavors, and that isn’t just a name. I’m constantly trying to figure out new and fun things to do, sometimes things will stick, sometimes they don’t. No matter how it turns out if I think it’s cool enough I will document my endeavors on the blog and post links to them here.

Over the summer of 2017 I acquired what I thought was a xylophone (it’s a marimba). All of the story of that is here. The whole goal of this endeavor is to post a marimba video EVERYDAY on YouTube. If you want to hear covers of cute little ditties, or covers of cool stuff, like All-Star from Smash Mouth then this might be the channel for you. Every now and then I am also going to try to play themed music, which I’ve already done for Zelda.


I am not sponsored by these people (or person, I think it might just be a single person who runs the site) but I wish I was. I gained most of my typing speed from here. All that aside, if you want to race me feel free to send me an invite. If you care enough I have no doubt that you could probably beat me.


This is a joint endeavor with my roommate Gabe. It is just a twitch gaming channel where him and I game together. One of the first things we did was race Farcry 2 against a plethora of indie games. We also had a few streams where Gabe read fanfiction and I played Farcry 4. I swear this channel isn’t just Farcry gameplay. I lied, this channel might as well just be Farcry gameplay.


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