Long Summer, Time to Blog


It’s been a long time since I blogged. I spent this whole summer working full time with an hour commute and I put blogging on the back-burner.

What I didn’t do though was completely waste my own time (I got close though).

I maintained Xylo-A-Day. In fact Xylo-A-Day is going so well that I’m getting about 40 views a day. When I first started the channel I was lucky to get 100 views a month and now I’m making that in about 3 days time.

I have a feeling that the channel is going to get significantly larger before the end of this year, and hopefully I can make it to 100 subscribers as well.

I did plenty of stuff and hopefully the next couple of weeks I can make posting a regular occasion again. There are a couple of topics that I could probably write about to kick this off.

I played plenty and plenty of Settlers of Catan, I even got the SeaFarers expansion and I would highly recommend it. A post to come about Catan strategy (like I even know how strategy works).

Image result for seafarers catansource:

I was able to kick my coffee addiction, which is a pretty great in itself. Coffee posts are always a nice treat.

Image result for folgerssource:

Plenty of manga was read and by that I mean most of the Naruto series. It’s possible I could write a blog post about manga itself and also possible I just write an entire one about Naruto.

There are also a couple of projects that I have completed and that are going to be completed soon that I can blog about here, which I can guarantee are going to be at least a solid moderately interesting.

There isn’t much I want to say right now except that I’m ready to be back in action. Stay tuned for the weekly content to start churning out again.



Blogging and Botting

I enjoy blogging and releasing content and this site is the perfect platform for that.

So I post here weekly (or at least try!) and I have been noticing a couple of things.

  1. Practically nobody comes to this website other than people who click the link that is on my Twitter.
  2. There are a lot of people who like my posts and follow this blog after I do post.

So I started looking into it, and I’m holistically convinced that the people who are doing so are bots.

Sure there might be one or two of them just trying to do mass marketing through mass following and liking (which is an actual marketing strategy),  but I think the majority of them are bots.

Some are more straightforward than others.

Some of them will just be called “GreatMarketingTips”, “SuperSportsNews”, “TravelDestinationFun” or something equally blatant.

Some of them will try to be more sneaky.

Bill Josephson, but then you look at the first posts and its “5 great marketing strategies” and “Great ways to improve business”

I love blogging and although you might expect my next few words to be of hate they are not.

The bots are funny to me, the idea that this website doesn’t have any users but rather only bots talking about marketing is hilarious to me.

I’m not upset. This is has been a great experience.

I Haven’t Posted in Two Weeks and That’s Kind of Lame

Sorry guys and gals. If you want to hear my excuse I got sick and it threw off all my productivity. It is safe to say that I am now firing on all cylinders and rocking out on the upward spiral once more. It is almost 3am, I can definitely guarantee there will be a new post in an hour from now.

Meta Blog Update

Some cool changes are going to come to this blog soon and I’m hoping they’ll make the place look a little more put together.

I created and put a Typeracer profile for this blog in the sidebar. Feel free to challenge me if you want, or just laugh at my typing speed. I am putting it there to hopefully show my increase in typing speed over time and just generally plug that website. Typeracer is awesome.

Second thing, I am planning on putting tags on the site which means this place will be easier to navigate, especially if I keep adding a diversity of content. This means that if you just want to look and stay updated on xylo-a-day stuff, you can filter for that and see only those posts.

I’m thinking about starting another endeavor, but I don’t want to spoil what it is because there is a possibility it might just not happen. Posting will continue as usual until then (and even after that).

And finally, I’m going to try my best not to make this a lifestyle blog.

Xylophone and the Next Great Endeavor

It’s storytime boys and girls so buckle up.

When I was in high school, I was in fact a band nerd. More than that, I was a percussionist, so I played everything that wasn’t a wind instrument. And even more detailed, I mainly practiced mallet instruments. If you remember the little toy multi-color xylophone you played with as a child, then imagine that but 10x bigger, that is what I played in band.

I was in band for 6 years and during that time I had the opportunity to get pretty decent at vibraphone, marimba, and xylophone. Then when I graduated from high school and I went to college I had the opportunity to be in college band. I decided against it though because I really wanted to focus on my degree rather than still be the band kid I had been for the past few years of my life.

This decision has filled me with just a little bit of regret ever since.

Mallet instruments aren’t cheap. Because of that the only realistic way I could have kept practicing and playing would be by playing in the college band. And since I hadn’t been in college band I haven’t been able to play… until recently a very strange thing happened.

A month or so ago I was at work and I was talking to one of my co-workers about high school band. If you want to know what the easiest most fluid subject you can talk about to any band kid, it is band. Turns out my co-worker was a band kid, and he played euphonium, he then asked what I played. I explained to him that I was a percussionist and I mainly played the mallet instruments, and how I really wish I was still playing but those instruments cost a lot of money so I don’t play anymore.

This is where it gets interesting. Once I explained what I used to play he told me how his dad was a band director and percussionist. Then he went on to say that he thinks there might actually be one in his garage that he is trying to get rid of and if so, I could have it.

Turns out, that is exactly what happened. A couple of weeks ago he handed me the frame and keys and resonators to a xylophone and explained that there wasn’t a stand for it. That’s fine, I can easily build it.

And with that I built the frame.

And when the frame was built I put it into my closet (which is surprisingly spacious).

And now I have a xylophone I can readily practice on and hopefully master, which brings me to my next big endeavor.

For at least the rest of Summer starting next week I am going to try to upload a video a day of xylophone. All the videos are probably going to be short melodies that I’m getting from a book of melodies, and hopefully by the end of Summer I will be much better than I am now. The link to that YouTube channel is here.

It’s a strange thing, because I know if I was watching a movie and this happened to the protagonist I would be in utter disbelief and probably call the movie unrealistic. But here I am now, the newest owner of a xylophone.

Change of Posting

I said very early on in this blog that I would post every Wednesday and I believe I do a decent job of that. But alas, due to my own change of schedule I am unsure I can post every Wednesday. That said, do not fear, I will ensure that I post at least one post a week. And when I get a more rigid schedule then I can promise a day again.

Summer Fun

I don’t know about any of my (zero) readers but I am finally out of school. What this means is that I can write more blog posts.

That’s not going to happen, I am still only going to commit to one blog post a week, if I post more then that will be exciting, but I’m working a full time job so I don’t really expect that to happen.

These are my summer blog goals:

Music reviews, I have a local artist I am planning on featuring in my 10th real blog post (this counts as like 6.5). That blog post, I’ll post

I also plan on doing livestreams and posting some of the highlights on here. Hopefully I can find the time to wind down and play videogames for all of y’all. Plans for a joint livestream are on there way.

I’ll see if I can write some stories as well if I can form some good ideas, at the very least I will write some logs about my Dungeons and Dragons adventures.

I might do a book review, don’t know the book I would want to do yet, but I am about to embark on Gulliver’s Travels so I guess you can expect some content from that.

And finally my guarantee is that there will be a blog post every week, as close to Wednesday as possible and although the content might be bad, it will definitely be content.


My Plans for this Blog

I am just starting this blog/life-documentation thing and I realized that I probably won’t be the most motivated to write about things.

This is a problem.

So because of that I am going to put a schedule on this blog and give myself the super easy and simple task of writing something, anything at all, it doesn’t matter. Actually it does I guess. Oh well.

    Either way, here is my plan:

  • Every Wednesday I will put a blog post about something I think is cool, whether that is music, art, movies, games, typing, etc.
  • Every Friday or Saturday (That’s right I am already planning for this to go terribly wrong) I will post about something I did or am doing, or stream something on Twitch or put something on YouTube or anything else that is somewhat personal.
    Sorry about that, I am much too busy, that said I will keep posting on Wednesday, and when I get free time or have a super awesome thing to post about I will post about that immediately.

If anyone is on this blog, I personally apologize that you are here right now, if you want, just come back in a year and hopefully there will be 100 posts by then for you to read.