Disc Golfing in the Summer Sun

It’s hot outside for those of us in the northern hemisphere (sorry New Zealand). Know what that means?

Time to go outside and have fun baking in the Summer sun.

For real though, there is plenty of activities to do out in the summer sun, and I’m here to suggest one of them for you.

Have you ever thrown a Frisbee?

Have you ever thought that you wanted to get really good at throwing a disc in a particular direction.

Did you participate in discus in high school? Neither did I.

If you have done any of these things then you might enjoy… drum-roll please… disc golfing.

Disc golf is almost exactly like normal golf except for a few factors:

  • It is usually hosted in local parks rather than managed golf courses.
  • It is relatively cheap to start playing, and then to keep playing.
  • You use a disc (fancy Frisbee if we want to be technical) instead of a golf ball, and you throw into a basket instead of into a hole.

To start playing disc golf you really only need one disc: A driver.
A driver allows you to throw really far distances granted that your technique and strength (mostly technique though) are good. Look this stuff up on YouTube, or just go out into an open field and practice.

If you want to get fancier you can also get a putter.
A putter allows you to make shorter distanced throws with more control than a driver.

If you want to be even fancier you can also get a mid-range disc.
A mid-range disc is exactly what it sounds like, a disc that is somewhere in between those two throws.

You could get a driver for $10-15 and as long as you don’t lose it you won’t buy another one.

A putter is about another $5-10.

A reusable water bottle, which I would recommend bringing with you, is also only $10 if you want to get an ultra durable Nalgene (not a sponsor).

I used to play disc golf in high school, and then when I got into college I slowed down. Just recently I got into it and I’ve been going every week and I thought I would just share some of the cool perks of the matter.




Racquetball and the Top 4 (NOW WITH PICTURE!!!!)

When I arrived at college I found out that we had racquetball courts that were free to use. I’ve never played racquetball in my life, the closest I ever got to it was tennis, but I had a deep desire to learn to play. It seemed like a fun game, basically wall-ball but way more intense, so my friend and I started playing. It is in fact a fun game, and I have a few fun stories that I can share today.

The first story starts when my friend and I started playing and ends about 6 months later. We barely did any research into racquetball when we started playing so it is safe to say we played by some wrong rules.

First, let me explain the rules.

You have a court that looks like this.

The basics is this:

  • Hit the ball from inside the solid box, making sure to hit the front wall and landing it back across the solid box.
  • You cannot hit three walls during your serve.
  • Once your opponent returns the ball, the only objective is to keep returning the ball by hitting the front wall before the ball hits the ground twice. (or once you hit the ball it has to hit the wall before the ground)

Essentially the only rule where you can’t hit three walls applies only to serves. Sadly for my friend and I, we applied it to everything. We turned a game that revolves around speed and power into a nightmare of refereeing. I would love to lie and say that we only did it a few times, but we did it for a solid few months until we played doubles against 2 people who knew what they were doing.

That was embarrassing, but luckily I have something triumphant to balance that out.

My school hosts an intramural competition, which is just a school wide competition, in every sport. This includes racquetball which amassed a solid 19 people. We all get tossed into a bracket and start fighting our way up. According to that bracket I am now the 4th best person in racquetball in my entire school (or at least the people who signed up for intramurals).

This is where the plot thickens, I got to 4th place without ever playing a single game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, don’t let my undeniable glory blind you.

The very first game I was supposed to play, my opponent didn’t show up, even after we scheduled a match, which was quite rude. This moved me up 1 spot on the bracket, placing me in the quarterfinals. Then the two people who were fighting it out to be my opponent in quarterfinals didn’t even schedule with each other, so they both were disqualified. This meant that without playing a single game I moved on to the semifinals and gained the rank of 4th best in the school.

Sadly I lost that game and 4th is where I will stay this semester.

That is all the stories I have for right now, but as I keep playing racquetball I might amass, and you can be guaranteed that I will share.